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All Williamson-Travis Counties MUD #1 Parks are closed due to the Covid19 Pandemic. Anyone choosing to use the trails is urged to follow CDC Guidelines, including social distancing and wearing face covers. AMWNA programs and events are canceled until CDC Guidelines permit resumption. 

Neighborhood Aspirations

In August 2019 we asked our residents who join us on social media (Facebook and Nextdoor) "What are your aspirations for the AMW neighborhood?" From the key words in everyone's responses we created this word cloud. How lovely is it?! 

Reading through the responses, we were struck by how many of you focused on the importance of creating opportunities for the community to come together and for people to get to know their neighbors. And to us, this is the backbone of what we do, the foundation for everything: the building of community. It is what makes AMW more than just a subdivision. It is what makes it a HOME. And when people have a home, they protect and defend it with their hearts and souls. When people have a tribe, they fight for it, invest in it, donate their time to making it better and stronger. The building of community is not trivial work. As you have demonstrated through your comments, it is fundamental work.

In response, AMWNA will be working on leading opportunities for neighbors to spend time together on a more frequent basis than in the past. We have several ideas for making this happen and are looking for other fun ideas from you. Stay tuned for details.

Other themes that came out of your comments:

Traffic/Speeding: This is an ongoing issue in our community and central to our overall safety and wellbeing. AMWNA has an important role to play in making our streets safer, and we will be dedicating energy to this issue in the coming year. We will be dedicated to this issue of the coming year with the assistance and participation of the MUD.

Deed Restrictions: AMWNA considers our deed restrictions to be an important tool for maintaining property values in our community, but, as written, they are a long way from perfect. There is much work to be done to ensure they reflect the current values and needs of our residents, and not the values of our developer from decades past. Stay tuned for more on this important topic. 

Amenities: AMW has some beautiful public spaces and parks. These are our shared assets and, as a residential community, one of our most valuable assets. Through your comments, you’ve expressed varying opinions on how best to maximize use of these spaces, and there is no one right answer. But it is also clear through your comments that our shared spaces and the amenities within them are an important part of our community. This year, AMWNA will continue to advocate for the preparation of a park plan that incorporates meaningful and comprehensive input from all of you and that includes an implementation timeline and budgeting plan for turning our collective priorities into a reality. As part of this process, we have an opportunity to revisit options for bringing a splash park amenity to our community.

These are lofty goals for a volunteer board, which is why in order to make these things happen we will be reaching out to all of you to get involved. If you are passionate about any of the issues above, we NEED you. You can send us an email at

More to come about specific ways to get involved.

And last, this discussion is not closed. If you have aspirations you’d like to share or thoughts about how to achieve them, leave us a comment below of send us an email! The conversation is ongoing and dynamic.

Thank you all for taking the time to be part of the discussion.