Who We Are and What We Do


The Anderson Mill West Neighborhood Association (AMWNA) is a non-profit corporation comprised of residents of the Anderson Mill West Subdivision (See Neighborhood Map) and run by an all-volunteer Executive Committee.

The mission of the Executive Committee is to:

  • Advocate on behalf of residents to the Williamson-Travis County Municipal Utility District #1 (WTC MUD #1) elected officials and staff; 

  • Organize social events to bring neighbors together; 

  • Help maintain the quality of our neighborhood by working with residents and elected officials on specials projects and initiatives; and

  • Educate residents on issues such as deed restrictions, infrastructure and parks, and services available.

The AMWNA is not a homeowners association and membership is entirely voluntary. Dues are only $5/year. See the Membership page to sign up and learn more about how your membership dues are used to make our neighborhood a better place!


The AMWNA has no authority to enforce our neighborhood's deed restrictions. However, the Architectural Control Committee, as defined by the deed restrictions, is a committee of the AMWNA and works as a part of the Deed Restriction enforcement process administered by the MUD. We are happy to help you understand the deed restrictions that apply to your property, how to report a deed restriction violation, and who to contact if you receive a citation. See the Your Property page to get more information.


AMWNA has accomplished a lot in the last couple of years, and all through the work of unpaid volunteers! To learn about all we've done, please check out the following document.


The AMWNA Bylaws govern how our organization operates.


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      Executive Committee Members      

Elections for our Executive Committee take place at a General Meeting held in either
August or September each year. Terms run from October 1st to September 30th.




       How We're Funded       


AMWNA gets its funding from a combination of membership dues, entry fees for neighborhood events (applies to non-residents), donations, and the WTC MUD #1's Beautification Fund. To learn more about membership, please see the Membership page.

The District's Beautification Fund comes from fines collected from residents for deed restriction violations. It is not tax dollars. Although the fund is called the Beautification Fund, this is a bit of a misnomer, as the fund has always been used to pay for a variety of neighborhood activities and projects, not all of which fall under the conventional definition of the term "beautification" but that are all intended to build community, improve District quality of life, and increase the desirability of our neighborhood, all which preserves property values and contributes to greater compliance with and facilitated enforcement of our deed restrictions. To learn more about deed restrictions and/or the Architectural Control Committee, please see the Your Property page.




It should be noted that because the AMWNA Executive Committee and subcommittee members are all volunteers and do not get paid for their work, the projects undertaken by the AMWNA using MUD funds allow the District to exponentially leverage its dollars. Despite having access to the money in the District's Beautification Fund, AMWNA is quite judicious in our spending and conservative in our use of such funds. AMWNA works for what it believes in and utilizes sweat equity whenever and wherever possible to bring our projects to fruition.    

AMWNA also relies on the generosity of local businesses and individuals who contribute monetary or material donations, usually for a specific event. If you are interesting in donating, please contact us or use the PayPal link below.



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