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Who We Are and What We Do


The Anderson Mill West Neighborhood Association (AMWNA) is NA and not a HOA. It's legal structural is a non-profit corporation who's members are comprised of Property owners/occupants of the Anderson Mill West Subdivision (See Neighborhood Map) and is run by an all-volunteer Executive Committee.


The mission of the Executive Committee is to:

  • Advocate on behalf of property owner to the Williamson-Travis County Municipal Utility District #1 (WTC MUD #1) elected officials and staff; 

  • Organize social events to bring neighbors together;

  • Help maintain the quality of our neighborhood by working with residents and elected officials on specials projects and initiatives;

  • Educate residents on issues such as deed restrictions, infrastructure and parks, and services available;

  • We are focused on maintaining our property values and keeping our subdivision a welcoming and safe place to live.

The AMWNA is not a HOA (code 209 homeowners association) as designated under Texas law. Membership is based on property ownership/property occupancy. All property owners/occupants are members unless one opts out.  The property owners/occupants who wish to participate in decisions conducted at membership meetings via a one vote per property or wish to be part of the Executive Committee are required to pay dues of only $20/year per property during AMWNA calendar year. See the Membership page to sign up and learn more about how your membership dues are used to make our neighborhood a better place!


The AMWNA has no authority to enforce our neighborhood's deed restrictions. However, there is a  Anderson Mill West Architectural Control Committee (ACC), as defined by the deed restrictions,  Improvements to Anderson Mill West properties require the completion of an AMW ACC application and an approval by the AMW ACC. An AMW ACC application can be found on our website. Improvements to any property without submitting an application prior to starting the improvements is considered a deed restriction violation. The MUD is charged with administering the process of deed restriction enforcement and any violations. AMWNA will help you work with the AMW ACC to help you understand the deed restrictions enforcement process that applies to your property,  See the Your Property page to get more information.


AMWNA has accomplished much through all the work of unpaid volunteers! To learn about all we've done, please check out the following document.






Bylaws of the Anderson Mill West Neighborhood Association


The Anderson Mill West Neighborhood association, hereinafter referred to as AMWNA, is a non-profit organization of residents and homeowners of the Anderson Mill West Subdivision. The purpose of AMWNA is to seek to improve the quality of life and the general welfare not only in the Anderson Mill West Subdivision but in all other surrounding subdivisions that now or may exist in the Williamson-Travis Counties Municipal Utility District Number 1, hereinafter known as WTC MUD #1


ARTICLE I: Objectives


A. Represent the Interests of all residents of the neighborhood.


B. Promote community development through community Involvement and activities.


C. Keep all residents informed of issues of importance by appropriate communications and meetings.


D. Establish and maintain a working relationship with the community, developers, governing agencies, and regulatory bodies. This relationship will Include, but not be limited to, an interchange of information and recommendations in all areas of community interests.


E. Establish standing and ad-hoe committees to Investigate and make recommendations on all matters of neighborhood concern.


F. Assist in the enforcement of the deed restrictions of all dwellings, roadways, parks, drainage easements, and undeveloped lands.


G. Provide emphasis on inclusion of property owners and rental property residents as integral members of the community.


ARTICLE II: Membership


A. Eligibility for membership in AMWNA shall be limited to property owners and/or residents of WTC MUD #1, Anderson Mill West, Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 4a, 5, 6, 7, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 who are at least eighteen years of age.Voting eligibility for AMWNA issues is limited to aforementioned sentence who have paid their annual household dues.


B. Voting Membership shall be granted upon registration and payment of dues.


C. Membership dues must be paid one week in advance of any election in order for a member to be eligible to vote on any AMWNA election or business affairs.


D. Membership dues are payable on October 1 of each year. Dues are non-refundable after 30 days from payment.


E. The level of dues shall be set by a executive committee of the AMWNA during the August or September general meeting and may be changed afterward upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee based on the financial needs of AMWNA. 


F. The identity of AMWNA members shall not be sold, given, or otherwise released to any organization for any reason. All data gathered from any Individual member shall not be released without prior permission of that member. 




A. Each dues paying household/property  member shall be entitled to one vote on any voting AMWNA issues.


B. A quorum shall be necessary in order to vote on any AMWNA issue. For general meetings a quorum is defined to be at least 15% of the AMWNA registered voting members but not fewer than five (5) members unless there is less than 5 registered voting members, then it base on the voting members. For Executive Committee meetings, a quorum is defined to be  half or more of the current executive committee members.


C. All routine matters shall be decided by a simple majority of a voice vote or hand count.


D. Voting on matters involving AMWNA funds, defined by ARTICLE V, paragraph D, section 4, sub- section iv shall be conducted by secret ballot.


All Amendments to these bylaws shall require an approval of 100% of eligible voting members of AMWNA, not 100% of the eligible  members who voted for the amendments.


F. Amendments to these Bylaws may be made at any general meeting provided that a two-week notice has been given to the membership. The notice shall contain the proposed amendments. The notice requirement shall be met by posting the proposed amendments on the AMWNA web site and any social media account managed by AMWNA.


G. Any business conducted without a quorum being present shall be ratified by a Postal or online ballots enough  to create  a quorum of eligible AMWNA voters or the Executive Committee members, whichever is applicable to the matter being voting upon.


ARTICLE IV: Meetings and Organization


A. There shall be at least two general meetings per year unless the executive committee deems those meeting are not appropriate due to extending circumstances. More  frequent meeting can occur  as determined by the Executive Committee. One general meeting shall be held in the month of August or September for the purposes of electing the Executive Committee and setting the level of dues for the upcoming fiscal year.


B. General meetings are open all AMWNA members. Notification of general meetings shall be given by posting the date and time of the meeting on the AMWNA website and any social media account managed by the AMWNA.


C. The fiscal year of AMWNA shall begin on the first day of October and end on the last day of September of the following year,


D. AMWNA business may  be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised.


ARTICLE V: Executive Committee


A: The Executive Committee members of AMWNA shall be elected by the current members of execute committee. The executive committee members can only serve 3 consecutive terms, unless 50% of dues paying voters agree to extend their terms beyond the three year limits. There shall be at least two positions filled from the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, and  Treasurer. The number of vice-president positions may be increased upon the recommendation and majority vote of the Executive Committee, , as expressed at any general meeting throughout the year.


B. The Executive Committee shall be elected during the August or September general meeting. Tenure of the Executive Committee begins on October 1 and shall last no more than three years but a least for one year.


C. Candidates for the Executive Committee may be nominated by executive committee members or by any dues paying voting members.  Candidates must be at least 21 years old.


D. Duties of the Executive Committee: 


  • 1. The President or the highest presiding officer holder shall be the presiding member and representative of AMWNA. The presiding officer shall conduct meetings of the Executive Committee and shall be an ex-official member of all standing and ad-hoc committees, as described in Article VI.

  • 2. A Vice President shall fulfill the duties of the President in the President’s absence, and shall assist the President with his other duties.

  • 3. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping an accurate record of all AMWNA meeting minutes, maintaining an up-to-date version of the AMWNA bylaws, and preparing for upcoming elections.

  • 4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining accurate records of all AMWNA monies and keeping the official record of membership. The Treasurer's authority to use AMWNA funds is limited to the following.

    • i. Single transaction of less than $150.00: Treasurer may approve.

    • ii. Single transaction of $150.01 to $250.00: Advanced approval by the president, or the vice president.

    • iii. Single transaction of $250.01 to $1500.00: Advanced approval by the Executive Committee.

    • iv. Single transaction of $1500.01 and over: Advanced approval by a majority of the voting AMWNA members.

    • v. If and when there is an active Finance Committee, per Article VI, Paragraph A, after the fact notification of all transactions shall be sent to the chairperson of the Finance Committee.


E. Any member of the Executive Committee may be removed from the Committee, provided that the following conditions have been met:


  • 1. A petition has been signed by a majority of the AMWNA membership and presented to the Executive Committee.

  • 2. The Executive Committee has placed the removal vote on the agenda of a general meeting.

  • 3. The membership has been given at least a two week notice of the impending vote. Notification shall be given via the AMWNA website and any social media account managed by AMWNA.

  • 4. The removal is agreed upon by a 3/4  of the Executive Committee members and confirmed by a 3/4 of the eligible voting members of AMWNA.


F. In the event a member of the Executive Committee is removed from the Committee through the procedures outlined in paragraph E, above, or is otherwise unable to complete their term due to death or resignation, the Executive Committee shall call a special election to fill the vacant position.


G. The Executive Committee may transact necessary business in the interval between general meetings.


H. The Executive Committee will receive no payment for their services.


ARTICLE VI.- Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees


A. The following standing committees and their charges are authorized indefinitely. Committee membership is open to all AMWNA voting members. Each committee must consist of at least three members and one member shall be elected by a majority of the committee members to be the chairperson. Committees are not limited to a maximum number of participants, nor is there a limit to how many committees any one individual may serve on simultaneously. Members of all committees shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, 

  • 1. Finance: Charged with fund raising, long term financial planning, and oversight of expenditures.

  • 2. Communication: Charged with the creation and distribution of public notices, press releases, and newsletters. A newsletter may be produced following general meetings or at intervals deemed appropriate by the Committee. The Communication Committee shall work with the Executive Committee and other committees to inform Anderson Mill West residents of all AMWNA activities and other neighborhood business.

  • 3. Political Relations: Charged with assisting the Executive Committee in establishing and maintaining a working relationship with community developers, governing agencies, and regulatory bodies.

  • 4. Social: Charged with the organization of activities and events to promote neighborhood involvement.

  • 5. Traffic, Safety, and Law Enforcement: Charged with the task of maintaining the overall safety of the neighborhood. This may include traffic safety, public health and welfare, and crime management and prevention.


B. The Executive Committee is authorized to create Ad Hoc Committees as the need arises.

ARTICLE VII: Dissolution Policy


A. AMWNA may be dissolved by way of the following procedures:


1. A petition has been signed by more than seventy-five per cent (75%) of the eligible voting membership; and/or

2. The dissolution is agreed upon by a seventy-five per cent (75%) of the Executive Committee members; and,

3. The dissolution is filed with the Texas Secretary of State.

B. In the event of dissolution, all remaining monies belonging to AMWNA shall be forwarded to the non-profit, charitable organization(s) designated by a majority of voting members at the time of dissolution.


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Who We Are
Projects and Initiatives



      Executive Committee Members      

Elections for our Executive Committee take place at a General Meeting held in either
August or September each year. Terms run from October 1st to September 30th. It is recommended that

The Executive committee  meet once a quarter to conduct the business of AMWNA. They may meet more or few times at its discretion The exectuvie committee comprised of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary 

Executive Committee


       How We're Funded       


AMWNA gets its funding from a combination of membership dues, entry fees for neighborhood events (applies to non-residents), and  donations. To learn more about membership, please see the Membership page.



AMWNA also relies on the generosity of local businesses and individuals who contribute monetary or material donations, usually for a specific event. If you are interesting in donating, please contact us or use the PayPal link below.



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How We're Funded
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