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All dues paying members and their families enjoy free access to all AMWNA's annual events!

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Neighbors who live outside AMW can attend our events for $5 per event (per family) or $20 per year.

Annual Events

Coronavirus Disclaimer

Due to the coronavirus our normal events have been cancelled to keep our community safe. We will resume these events when our nation is healthy again. Wear your mask in public to keep yourself and others safe.

Spring Egg Hunt

Family and friends gather at AMW Park to dye eggs and participate in a community egg hunt. There are separate hunts for different age groups, and each year we have different activities planned. 

July 4th Parade & BBQ

With the help of surrounding businesses, our 4th of July event is awesome fun every year. In the last few years we've offered gourmet sausages from Stuffed Cajun Meat Market and other delicious food and drinks (free with entry), family games, and live music. The size and nature of the parade portion of the event has varied over the years, and has historically been an opportunity for neighbors to decorate their bikes, strollers, scooters, and small motorized vehicles and take a spin around our lovely neighborhood. Prizes are offered for the best decorations!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Neighbors gather at AMW Park to carve or decorate a pumpkin (free for members!) and enjoy food and spooky halloween activities.

Light Up the Park

This is our newest annual event, and last year it was a huge success! Neighbors gather for a peaceful evening at AMW Park as we turn on the season's holiday lights for the first time! The MUD is working toward adding more and more lights to the park each year, and it is a beautiful sight to see them shine. Together we enjoy comforting food, warm beverages, gentle music, and the magic of the season.