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Meetings & Documents

Meeting Information

Public meetings of the Executive Committee are generally held 4 times per year on Sundays at 5:00 pm at the Lakeline Oaks Building, 1000 Old Mill. These meetings are an excellent opportunity to find out what's happening in the neighborhood, speak to the Executive Committee members, and learn about ways you can get involved. For those who cannot make it to the meetings, we livestream them via Facebook and are able to respond to questions and comments in real time from our neighbors watching from home. You can also go back and watch the meeting at a later time.

Meeting Files and Other Documents

 Please see the Deed Restriction FAQ document below for the most current information.

Deed Restriction FAQ Meeting, Part 1

February 10, 2019

Deed Restriction FAQ Meeting, Part 2

February 10, 2019

Note: volume cuts out at about 0:35 but returns at around 3:15

Deed Restriction FAQ Meeting, Part 3

February 10, 2019

Please note the Annexation FAQ document needs to be updated to reflect current Texas annexation law. Some of the more general info, such as what annexation is, is still relevant, but the AMWNA is working towards updating it to reflect what the law says about annexation procedure, etc.

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